​​​​​High country
​watermedia society

hcws endowments for the arts

Each year, donations are made to the NC Community Foundation in the name of High Country Watermedia Society (HCWS).

HCWS directs these funds to non-profit organizations located in the counties represented by our members on an annual basis.

Examples of organizations and schools that have received funding for special projects are:  

-  Elkland School Art Center

-  Friends of the Watauga County Public Library

-  Children's Playhouse 

-  Watauga Project on Aging

-  Children's Playhouse

-  Valle Crucis School

-  Parkway School

-  Watauga River Partners

For more information about donating to the endowment or applying for a grant, please contact Bettie Bond 828-264-4275.

  - To download HCWS Art Endowment  DONATION form, click here.

  - To download HCWS Art Endowment GRANT APPLICATION, click here.