​​​​​High country
​watermedia society


The following guidelines apply to art work shown at an HCWS-sponsored exhibition:

-  Exhibitors must be current members of HCWS.
-  The painting must be the original work of the artist and done without the assistance of an instructor. 
-  No replicas or any portion of a published or copyrighted work is to be submitted.
-  The majority of the painting must be done with water media.
-  Collage is acceptable if created using water media.
-  Art may be framed or canvas wrapped.

-  Frames should be in good condition.
-  The art must be ready to hang with a wire that can support the weight of the painting.
-  Size:

     -  Due to the exhibition space at our venues, we suggest submitting paintings no larger than a full sheet with a
        reasonable size mat and frame e.g., 40x34. For this size, we prefer acrylic plastic sheet or nothing to reduce
        the weight.
     -  Smaller works of art are appreciated and these may have glass, plastic or neither.

     -  For art with unusual dimensions such as a long, narrow painting, or for any other questions, please consult

       with the exhibition chairperson.
-  HCWS and the venue administrator reserve the right to refuse to hang any piece of work which is not
    deemed to be of a suitable standard or content.
- Neither HCWS, nor the venue, is responsible for art that falls off the wall or is otherwise damaged.